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Ursa Tools - Taming the Data Center


From its humble beginnings as a custom monitoring tool, Ursa Tools has become a seamlessly integrated high-performance tool suite capable of taming the most demanding environments.

Ursa Tools were born out of neccesity. As consulting contractors working at several fortune 500 compnies, we were surprised time and again at the complete lack of functional tools available, that could simplify time consuming tasks. Many of these companies had some tools that did not perform as promised, or worse yet - did not perform at all. This was a big problem for our clients, who were losing precious time and money, trying to keep their networks up and running.


Not only did we see a real need for some basic productivity tools for system administrators, we also saw a need for upper management to have a clear understanding of the health of their network environments, in order to make informed decisions.



Having a set of tools that does so much, just does not exist in the industry today. Battle tested with some of the most challenging jobs, Ursa Tools actually does everything we claim it does, and does it well.


If you can use any internet browser, and understand the difference between the colors green, yellow and red, you have all the skills required to use Ursa Tools. We also shoulder the full responsibility to make sure every aspect of Ursa Tools works - no need for dedicated staff or specialized expertise - that's our job, and our committment to you.


With a dedicated secure cloud, we have created a triple protected point-to-point single port connection to protect your data metrics. We are also offering our suite of Tools that, when all associated costs are considered, will save a large percentage of IT budget expenses



Linux has come a long way since the days of command line only interface. Today most Linux based operating systems have robust GUIs. However, most of the work done in Linux still requires command line shells and an extensive knowledge of the inner workings of how to do most tasks. URSA Tools has ttaken common and complex commands and reduced them down to a simple mouse cllick.



Color Coded

The URSA Tools interface uses a simple "Green, Yellow, Red" set of icons to show the overall health of your environment. Problem servers can be configured to instantly move to the top of the list, allowing easy to see problem points. Thresholds can also be set, and alarms, e-mail alerts can be sent to specific individual administrators, or groups.


Drill-Down Capable

Once you click on a yellow or red icon, you can drill right down to the offending process, allowing quick and accurate identification of the problem. Rogue processes can be modified or terminated immediately on the fly, clearing up the specific problem, while leaving all other processes in tact.





Self Healing A.I.

It's easy to make a mistake in Linux that can bring down an entire network. URSA Tools prevents these catastrophic problems from happening, as well as searches for  problem commands and automatically fixes them. If all else fails, URSA Tools will revert to the previously working command, minimizing human error, and costly down-time.