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Managing a single major airline is a daunting task. But what happens when you want to merge two separate, active airlines into one? Faced with completely different systems for United Airlines and Continental Airlines, merging the two airlines turned out to be a bigger problem than either airline foresaw. While working closely with both companies in Houston and Chicago, Ursa Tools was able to identify the issues, automate server replication and configuration, as well as monitor/troubleshoot all issues with this mammoth undertaking.


United could not figure out how to solve many of the problems they faced. Ursa Tools was able to quickly resolve all of the issues, when nobody else could. Many critical issues that arose during this transition were quickly identified and fixed before they became a problem. This was very important to two fully functional and active airlines that could not afford to have any problems with tens of thousands of passengers that fly with them daily.




For years, Kia has been sponsoring the Superbowl with very expensive advertising. Their goal is to generate interest and drive potential customers to their web site.


Unfortunately, their site always crashed with the huge amount of traffic during the big game. In 2016, Ursa Tools came to the rescue. For the first time in five years, Ursa Tools was able to keep the site running flawlessly, handling an average of 300,000 unique customers a minute. Another first was that Kia sold 10,000 more cars in February and March than their rival and primary superbowl sponsor Hyundai, as a direct result of Ursa Tools' help.


Unfortunately for them, they didn't have Ursa Tools for the 2017 superbowl. Their site reverted back to constant crashes, lost revenue and a waste of premium advertising dollars.


We are currently working on bringing back Ursa Tools to Kia, and help them become a superbowl success for the forseeable future.


Chico's a leading online clothing designer had been palgued with problems nobody in the company could solve. This posed a major problem on Cyber Monday, the company's biggest day of the year.


When Ursa Tools came to Chico's, they had several dozen long standing critical tier one issues, that had not been resolved. Even though Chico's staff did not think it could be done, within two weeks, Ursa Tools identified and fixed every one of these problems. For the first time ever, Chico's was free of all major infrastructure problems.


This translated into increased revenue on Cyber Monday two years in a row. We are glad we could help make Chico's more productive and profitable.




As a world leader in high-end  gaming, Zenimax is responsible for some of the best known games.


When they decided to make The Elder Scrolls an online game, many problems had to first be resolved in order for the project to work as promised.


Ursa Tools was brought in to help. With a very tight deadline to go live, Ursa Tools was able to beat the deadlines with room to spare. The monitoring and cloud based administration functions were instrumental in Zenimax acheiving their goals.


The multi award winning Elder Scrolls has gone onto become one of the most loved and played online games to date. Ursa Tools is proud to be a part of their success story.





Royal Caribbean was completing work on the largest cruise ship in the world, The Allure of The Seas. One of the key systems on the ship was not working - The Point of Sale system. This meant that no purchases whatsoever could be made once the ship was launched.


Ursa Tools spent time in Fort Lauderdale, Chicago and on-site in Germany with the ship to identify and fix all problems before the ship was finished. The staff in Chicago, where the primary servers are located, told us how happy they were to have Ursa Tools, since they could not indentify or fix the server issues they were having.


Ursa Tools got all of the issues identified and resolved, and The Allure of The Seas' Point of Sale systems are currently working flawlessly without any major issues to date.


When you have a large production and distribution of perishable products, you can't afford to have any issues that could disrupt the flow of goods.


Boar's Head is able to keep everything flowing, but were doing it very inefficiently. They had a good plan to improve their operations, but many aspects of their plan would take years to fully implement.


Ursa Tools was able to greatly reduce the amount of time and money to get things done. With our automation, replication features and detailed monitoring functions, Ursa Tools proved invaluable to helping get many project objectives completed in record time, including new data center creations.


Ursa Tools has helped Boar's Head become even more profitable and productive, while cutting costs and time, in their upgrade and growth plans.


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When you work with Ursa Tools, you get much more than the Tools themselves. With a highly qualified staff to lend their full support, we also take the responsibility of making sure the Tools work for you. No need to dedicate time and money to make them work - that's our job, and our commitment to your success.

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Every company is different, and has specific needs. We are here to help make the Tools work for you. Every aspect of our tool suite is customizable to work the way you do, not the other way around.

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