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Ursa Tools - Taming the Data Center


From its humble beginnings as a custom monitoring tool, Ursa Tools has become a seamlessly integrated high-performance tool suite capable of taming the most demanding environments.

Ursa Tools were born out of neccesity. As consulting contractors working at several fortune 500 compnies, we were surprised time and again at the complete lack of functional tools available, that could simplify time consuming tasks. Many of these companies had some tools that did not perform as promised, or worse yet - did not perform at all. This was a big problem for our clients, who were losing precious time and money, trying to keep their networks up and running.


Not only did we see a real need for some basic productivity tools for system administrators, we also saw a need for upper management to have a clear understanding of the health of their network environments, in order to make informed decisions.

Our wish list - Tools that actually work

We started out by creating a custom monitoring tool that could easily show the health of any server. We quickly took it one step further, with color codes and the ability to drill down from a server group right down to the process level. This proved to be a giant leap forward in providing real time server health and practical troubleshooting ability. We also saw a need to discover all of the devices on a network, without having to install an agent. Agents are used by every monitoring program, and we wanted to change this limitation.


We also wanted a tool that has true auto-discovery capability, so we created a tool that finds every device on a network. It would have to find every actual device, not just an IP address. The tool would also have to be able to detect the type of hardware, manufacturer, the operating system and version, printers, switches, routers - basically everything on the network, whether it is known or unknown.


Since then, we have added fully functional and FAST agent-less monitoring, automatic report generation, customized graphs and charts for trend analysis, group creation and RBAC permissions, customized alerts, resource assessment, AWS management, server replication and automation, the list goes on.

Sharing it with the world

We have found our Tools to be indispensable in our job. But what about the rest of the world? We secured patent protection for our many innovations, and made Ursa Tools available to the market.


With so many high profile company successes, we want everyone with common sense vision to have a competitive edge over those who prefer to remain left behind.


With our highly knowedgeable and helpful team making doubly sure Ursa Tools work exactly as described, and progressive certification programs to help employees become even more productive, we are firmly committed to ensure your complete satisfaction with Ursa Tools.