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We have come a long way since Ursa Tools was born 6 years ago. With our business model changing from a powerful contractor assist tool, to a suite of tools everyone can benefit from, our patent protected innovations designed by industry career professionals, are constantly growing.


Today Ursa Tools has been implemented on three continents with some of the biggest companies in the world. Our ongoing goal is to deliver the very best tools that are easy to use, at an affordable price.


Auto Discovery

All Devices

There are some stand alone discovery products other than Ursa Tools. However they either only identify IP addresses, or you must install an agent on the device you want to discover. Ursa Tools not only discovers all devices on your network, but identifies the hardware manufacturer, operating system/version, server name and IP,  installed software and running processes among other information - all without any installed agents. Finding all devices, whether known or not has proven to be a huge advantage to find unauthorized servers that pose potential security threats. It has also proven very helpful in managing DNS conflicts. The best part is that discovery works seamlessly with all other Ursa Tools components


At the heart of our tool suite is the monitoring function. All of the devices are represented with color coded icons. Green for good, yellow for caution and red for critical. Whenever there is a problem, the end user simply has to click on the icon and can drill down from a group of servers right down to the individual process level to pinpoint the problem. With custom alert thresholds and device group assignment, problems are instantly assigned to those responsible, and they can fix the problems before they become critical. With so much information about each device available to administrators, troubleshooting is a breeze. This translates into significant increases in stability and uptime, while making administrators much more effective in solving problems.

Trend analysis

There are companies out there that claim to provide trend analysis. We have found them to be very resource hungry, inaccurate and expensive. Our trend analysis features start with pristine data gathered through the Discovery and Monitoring functions. With accurate current, as well as historical data, managers can easily determine the health of their network over time and plan for upgrades as well as new projects. With an assortment of easy to understand graphs and charts to choose from to display the data, it has never been easier to make informed decisions. Administrators will also find the data useful in troubleshooting device performance. Developers will be able to glean data on how to improve software performance.

No Agents


Virtually every other monitoring tool out there requires an agent. An agent is client software that is installed on the device you want to monitor. This poses several problems. One, the client software installation is time consuming and must be installed on every device. Two, the client software itself consumes resources on the target device, making the monitoring software self defeating and a burden on servers. Three, any device that does not have the client software installed will not be monitored. We have eliminated all of these issues by providing an agentless solution. Now that all devices are monitored, there is no resource drain on the target devices. Most importantly, our solution works as fast, if not faster than the problem laden agent option.


Working hand in hand with the monitoring function, Ursa Tools' alert function can be customized to suit your needs. Thresholds for alerts on each device, are easily set. Also, devices can be separated into groups, so that only those that are responsible for a group of servers get alerts they are responsible for. Managers can customize their own alerts for general heath of the entire infrastructure. Most importantly, alerts can be received on any device, a laptop, tablet, phone, you name it. Alerts can also be received from anywhere in the world.

The complex made simple

In order to become a highly skilled administrator, you must spend years, if not decades of on-the-job experience. There simply is no other way - until now. We have taken our decades long knowledge of accomplishing high level projects and reduced them down to a few mouse clicks. High level system administration has not evolved like every other facit of the computing industry. Ursa Tools is bringing the mysterious and complicated world of system administration into the 21st century. This reduces the need and reliance on highly specialized administrators, and puts the same abilities into the hands of less experienced administrators, making them a greater asset to any company.



High security hands off management

Security is very important to us. This is why we have developed a triple layered secure connection. Very little is required from the customer, to send point-to-point data through a double encrypted VPN tunnel via a single port. This configuration makes it extremely difficult for any unauthorized access. Our servers are not cloud based, but reside with us in our high security facility, where we make sure all the tools remain fully functional and available to any authorized end user with the proper credentials - viewable on any customer defined browser. With our responsibilty to provide high security, hands-off management and high availability, all the customer has to do is use the tools - no need for any dedicated resources.

Report generation

Having the ability to share information is critical in any project that involves more than one person. Ursa Tools has addressed this need by providing fully customizable automatic report generating capabilities to our suite of tools. End users can choose how they wish to display the information, with the aid of several different charts and graphs. Project managers and collaborators can share data in a way that everyone can understand. Executives have the ability to present important information at board meetings regarding current heath and future infrastructure projects.







Automation - local and cloud based

Many companies are opting to use cloud based technology for their infrastructure. This eliminates the need to house your own hardware, but it still requires full management. Many cloud providers do offer full management, but high costs and potential security holes become a problem. With Ursa Tools, companies can locally administer their cloud based presence with, for example AWS, without incurring the high cost and security issues of third party remote management. Our cloud management front ends, coupled with our full suite of tools, keeps you in the driver's seat.


Overall costs to run any infrastructure are always the most expensive part of every corporate budget. With hardware purchases, specialized personnel,  upgrades and production costs to name a few, can all be reduced or even replaced with Ursa Tools. When looking at the big picture, the overall cost savings are tremendous.

Ursa Tools is only as good as the people using it. For years, we have been gathering input from average users on what they would like. Coupled with our knowedge of how to make it work, our tools are designed from the ground up with the end user in mind. Ease of use, without sacrificing high-end capability at a competitive price is our goal.

Are there other products other than Ursa Tools available? There are many standalone products available, some of them are free, others cost thousands of dollars a year per server. All of them require a full time staff of knowledgable employees for each tool to make them work, and none of them offer tools that communicate with each other.


What sets us apart from the competition is a cost effective full suite of tools that work together.